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The wind stirred me up today, but during and after yoga class this evening, I heard and felt the wind in sync with my breathing, and it felt right.

the leaves danced all day today I still feel unsettled, but I think the winds of change are going to push me forward, whether I like it or not.

I’m still processing the events surrounding the G8/G20 summit in Toronto last weekend. I played a small part, by participating in the peaceful protest organized by Greenpeace, Oxfam and others. The sheer numbers of people who turned out, and the diversity of ages, races, causes, genders, etc. were impressive. And the atmosphere, as we marched from Queen’s Park down University Avenue, was festive. We weren’t angry, we just wanted our voices to be heard. From my perspective, the summits were an egregious waste of money – money that could have been directed towards climate change initiatives or concrete actions aimed at addressing the shameful poverty that exists in Canada and throughout the world. The whole lead-up to the event, including the scare tactics used by police to intimidate protesters, and the ridiculous fake lake farce set the stage for what was inevitable – the vandalism. And I am disgusted that the media was, for the most part, typical in its reaction. Over and over, they played the clips of the cruiser on fire, and the black-clad figure smashing the plate-glass window.

Scant seconds of coverage featured the peaceful majority that were there to exercise their democratic rights.

I’ll sign off now and hope that something good comes out of all this, though I don’t have a clue what it will be.

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Catching up!

Baltimore Oriole

It’s been way too long between posts! A super camping/bird watching weekend in the middle of May at Long Point yielded more than 50 species of birds. Highlights? Lots of  Baltimore orioles, an American woodcock (I only heard it … it was after the sun had gone down) and a pair of Bald Eagles protecting an absolutely gigantic nest.

Standing on guard

Catbirds were  friendly companions around the campsite.

Gray Catbird

Paris just wanted to play with the cygnets, but the parents thought otherwise, and made quite a ruckus when we walked by.

Mute swans

Nearby Port Rowan is picturesque though quite small.

Port Rowan

I highly recommend a visit to the Long Point Bird Observatory, a bird migration monitoring program that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. They are doing some impressive work documenting the many species that journey through the spit of land that protrudes into Lake Erie, on their way north.

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