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Nature is a magnet

Living in Toronto, and working downtown all week, I can’t resist the lure of nature on the weekends. This weekend, I decided to explore the Leslie Street Spit, hoping to see some migrating birds, and just be away from cars and pavement.

The “spit” is actually a five-kilometre long peninsula, built by lake-filling, which extends into Lake Ontario.

Eastern shoreline at the Leslie St. Spit

It was originally intended to be a breakwater for harbour expansion, but it was never needed for that (due to reduced volume of lake shipping) and instead has been transformed by nature into an accessible wildlife reserve.

Monarch on asters

It was a beautiful day, and there are loads of insects in the meadows that are full of goldenrod and asters at this time of year. Besides the monarchs, there were grasshoppers, crickets and dragonflies.

This female Northern Shoveler duck was pretty easy to identify, with its distinctive bill!

Northern Shoveler Duck (female)

I am really not sure what kind of warbler this is. My two guesses are: magnolia or yellow-rumped “myrtle”. It’s the only warbler I managed to capture with the camera. There were lots of different ones flitting about in the forest by the lake.

a warbler - but what which one is it?

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend a few hours on a September Saturday. And I WAS inspired – both by the colourful wildlife and by some rusty pieces of metal that I picked up on my rambles along the shoreline boulders. Articles in Quilting Arts magazine have often shared ideas for incorporating rusty “found objects” in art quilts. Stay tuned!

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