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It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, and I’m not sure I can adequately explain or rationalize it. When I finished my latest quilt in February, I didn’t have another project lined up, waiting for me. I’ve been cruising through the last few weeks kinda jumping from one idea to another looking for inspiration.

First, I became infatuated with Zakka Style quilts, and have joined the sew-along. It’s just about impossible to keep up, though, with one project each week, so I am being selective and following along at my own pace.

My latest, a disappearing 9-patch quilt, tentatively called "Antidote to Winter Greys"

I deliberated over whether to enter the Guild’s Challenge, and decided in the end not to. The reason? I looked back on the last two or three times I entered, and I realized that the pieces that came out of those challenges, for the most part, weren’t my favourite pieces. It’s also a lot of pressure, which I do not need right now. My “day job” is extremely hectic these days, and I certainly don’t look forward to added stress during the weekends!

So besides dallying in the Zakka Style projects, I also got a book out of the Toronto Public Library called Carefree Quilts by Joy Lily. One of the projects has sucked me right in, because it’s a really unusual strip-pieced leaf block, and I’m a sucker for nature-themed patterns. Stay tuned …

Tomorrow, I will spend the day with one of my sisters, and my sister-in-law, sorting through my Mum’s sewing room. Mum’s 93, and she’s lost the capacity and interest to carry on quilting. It has taken us a while to come to terms with that, but the Guild’s upcoming Sewing Room sale has provided the impetus for us to get started on this daunting project. My Mum was a prolific quilter, and the driving force behind my interest, as well as being my best teacher. She’s still an inspiration.

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