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Sweet Dreams

Here’s a baby quilt, made with no special baby in mind. I figure it’s always good to be prepared! The border and binding fabric is from the Memories from Kandesh collection, which I fell in love with and bought here in Toronto at The Workroom (on sale, I believe).

Sweet Dreams 38″ x 32.5″

The squares are scraps from my own and my Mum’s collection. And the inner border fabric I found at a sale of vintage fabrics.

This quilt began as a summer project at the cottage 2 years ago! Don’t you love checking those UFOs off your list?

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As quilters, we cannot help but be attracted to colour and pattern in textiles, can we? I gave up using kleenex years ago, using handkerchiefs instead for the runny nose that I get from allergies or just breathing cold air in the winter. I’ll relent and buy a box of kleenex if I get a cold, but for day-to-day needs, I rely on hankies.

Being a genuine tree-hugger and having my consciousness raised by both Greenpeace and Bridget Stutchbury, I cannot rationalize supporting forest destruction just to blow my nose.

vintage hankies given a new lease on life

My first set of hankies were plain organic cotton ones made in BC and sold at Grassroots, which back then was the only store in Toronto selling eco-friendly wares. But in the last couple of years, I’ve been keeping an eye out for vintage hankies at second-hand stores, and have acquired some beauties.

So cute!

I love it when my environmental, practical and artistic proclivities converge, and this is one of those instances.

Click on the image to see it full size.

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I am pretty much always inspired by the natural world (except for spiders and centipedes). There is so much colour inspiration for example, in nature.


While camping recently, we were serenaded all weekend by the little ovenbird, which one of my bird guides describes as having a voice much louder than you would expect from such a small bird. This little guy has beautiful, subtle colouring.

tree lichen – colour study

Check out the colour combination in the photo above. This would be an interesting pallete to replicate in a quilt.

Scarlet Tanager

Now this fellow’s finery is certainly more flamboyant than the ovenbird’s!

And now, back to quilts!

detail – baby quilt

Here’s what I’m working on right now … just finishing the quilting and then all that’s left is the binding for this baby quilt. When it came time to think about how to quilt it, this time I didn’t allow myself to a) do the obvious quilt-in-the-ditch or b) over-think the design. I just basically went by instinct and started in the middle with the curved lines, and followed up with the diagonal parallel lines going outward from there. I’ll be sure to post a photo when it’s done.

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