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Well, I made it through that wicked heat wave we had last week here in Toronto! Several days of 35C temperatures and humidex scores in the forties. There’s no way I could have got any sewing done this weekend if that had kept up. Luckily, the humidity broke Friday evening and we had a gorgeous weekend.

Today was a perfect day for hanging out the laundry: sunny, dry and breezy. Also perfect for sewing!

First 4 Amish Pinwheel blocks

However, if I only get two of these blocks done every weekend, it’s going to be a looong project!

The block is called Amish Pinwheel. At least, that’s what Mary Ellen Hopkins calls it. There are 4 half-square triangle blocks in each block, and each block will measure 18″ finished. My plan is to make a summer coverlet. Not sure yet whether I will put any batting in at all … perhaps flannelette?

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