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What a divine 2-week holiday I have just had at the family cottage up on the Bruce Peninsula. My first week was spent on my own, and I was prepared to spend time indoors sewing if the weather turned bad, but it never did, so I got very little accomplished in that regard. I am OK with that!

Monarch butterfly on a thistle.

The glorious sunshine, access to the lake and the enchanting forested property provided all the encouragement I needed to just “be”.

In Toronto, I rarely see the horizon, or what I like to call “the big sky”. From the cottage, though, it’s a short walk to the beach that spans 7 miles along Lake Huron.

Microcosm – a tiny butterfly gathers nectar from a tiny clover flower.

Interestingly, I recently came across a relevant quote by John Lubbock  on the birthday card that I found for my sister Bonni: “To lie under a tree, listening to the murmur of the water, and watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”

I managed to drift through the days just observing the natural world around me – such  a welcome contrast from life in Toronto! Of course I also did some gardening, photography and reading.

My sons took the train from Ottawa to Toronto, met up with my parents and drove them up to join me for week two.

Nick’s pie – featuring fresh Niagara cherries from Keady Market

It’s always such a treat to have my boys do the cooking, and even though the carnivores out-numbered the vegetarians, we managed just fine with a veggie-focused diet for the week. What delicious fare: ratatouille, burritos, shish-kebabs and of course the requisite pie.

The swimming in Lake Huron was superb, and the boys and I also did some hiking on the Bruce Trail.

I’ll be back at work tomorrow, but well refreshed and ready to tackle whatever is waiting for me!

The word restorative comes to mind. It really puts things in perspective when you can remove yourself from the “plugged in” world for a little while and just float through the days without a schedule (somewhere to be; something to do). I highly recommend it!

The big sky over Lake Huron

On the Bruce Trail, with no schedule

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Farewell 2010

My last post for 2010, since I will be spending new year’s unplugged, at the cottage. It’s been quite the year for me, career-wise. I lost a job but found a new one, which I like a lot. Great people to work with and interesting work that suits my skill set and my environmental conscience.
I’m planning to make it a priority to carve out some creative time this year for quilt making and photography. In fact, I have a deadline to work towards – the York Heritage Quilters Guild show in November.
Spending Christmas with the boys at their new home in Ottawa was lots of fun, even though there was no skating. They were the best of hosts, and I was certainly well fed.

We did manage to get some skiing in, and poked around the neighbourhood and beyond (e.g., the arboretum) with Paris. 

Hoping for a new year of peace and creativity!

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