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It’s been a crazy week, full of ups and downs, and now I have arrived at Saturday. My sister (one of three) is arriving from BC this afternoon for a week in the big city, so that’s definitely something to look forward to.

I really feel a difference when I don’t have protected creative time incorporated into my life, so my goal this weekend is to get some of that time carved out and make something. It must remain secret for the time being, with the holidays quickly approaching.

Watchful Guardian

I made this owl wall hanging – titled “Watchful Guardian” – ¬†specifically to donate to the United Way silent auction at my workplace, which will take place this week (Dec. 8). I hope there’s some interest in it. I continue to explore techniques for creating bird imagery with fabric, a lovely way to combine two passions.

I also contributed a miniature (5″ x 7″) textile landscape, matted and framed, which is shown below.

I learned this technique in a workshop with Valerie Hearder, several years ago.

Tranquility at Sunset

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The quilt show I’ve been talking about – Art for Body and Soul – is finally on, actually, today is the final day! I spent 5 hours there yesterday. My parents came, as well as my sister and sister-in-law. And my son (and his dog, Paris) also made a surprise visit from Ottawa.

The quilts did not disappoint! Colour, design, technique, artistry … so much inspiration. There are 236 quilts hanging, plus the finalists from our last two challenges (20 in total), so you really have to take your time to take it all in.

"There are always flowers, for those who want to see them"

We all tell ourselves that we don’t “need” more fabric or books, but we can’t deny that we “want” it, so there are 15 vendors to satisfy our “wants”.

The bed quilt shown here (one of the 2 quilts I displayed in the show) features machine appliqued flower motifs over a simple four-patch of contrasting paisley fabrics. The longarm machine quilting was done by Sandy Lindal. The title of this quilt is a quotation from Henri Matisse, which I felt fits my personality and outlook on life.

The show is still on, until 5 p.m. today!

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You get an idea, and you make a decision, and you gather the materials and tools, and then what? Well, I got my idea for this quilt from a magazine I bought early in 2010, Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks…Collector’s Edition.

Inspiration - magazine style

I pored over the 100 blocks several times, then narrowed down my faves and marked them with sticky-notes. The first block I worked on was Joen Wolfrom’s “Stars Upon Stars”, which I made into a wall hanging, using hand-dyed fabrics from the lovely sisters at Dye-Version.

Apologies – this is not a very good photo of it!


Anyhow, next I set my sights on a pretty block designed by Karla Eisenach. Her colourway for the block was black and white, but I am using a couple of gorgeous paisleys (I have had a crush on paisleys every since I was a teenager) from Northcott from a line called Paisley Power by Ro Gregg.

I was able to snag some Soft Fuse yesterday from the lovely Jo-Ann at Cockadoodle Quilts to start making my applique designs (one per block; 24 blocks). I’ve collected an interesting range of complementary fabrics for the appliques, and hopefully it will all come together nicely, in time to be displayed at next fall’s YHQG quilt show.

Here’s what the first two blocks look like (keep in mind that the applique pieces will be blanket-stitched to the background block).

WIP - work-in-progress

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