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My son, on a recent visit, remarked at the sudden appearance of Starbucks at the corner of Bathurst St. and St. Clair Ave. W. Yup, the highrise condo building that sprouted up there is not even occupied yet, yet the Starbucks is making its shiny new presence known in typical fashion – all flash and free samples for the people waiting for the Bathurst bus.

However, just south on Bathurst, the spunky Scratch Espresso Bar proclaimed its virtues on a simple chalk board set up on the sidewalk.

Simple marketing ... it works!

I must confess that a) I don’t drink coffee (tea is my thing) and b) I’ve not been into the Scratch premises, in its current incarnation. It used to be “Scratch Gallery” and I bought a couple of arty t-shirts there a while back.

Don’t you love the graphics painted on the outside walls?

A few of the neighbourhood characters - immortalized on the facade.

I hope Scratch’s clientele remains loyal. I am inspired by their “better, cheaper, friendlier” spirit and wish them well. I plan to drop in for a cup of tea sometime soon…

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