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I had a great time with Nancy, over at Cock-A-Doodle Quilts today. Since no-one else was using the back room, I was able to use their big tables to spread out and carefully measureĀ and cut the border strips for my current bed quilt project. We put our heads together and calculated various scenarios to max out the amount of fabric I had for the borders, and avoided having to piece the strips. I really find it difficult to do this sort of thing without someone to verify that I am thinking straight. Math doesn’t come naturally to me, the way spelling and grammar do. Basically, I lack confidence, even with the help of a calculator.

Anyway, I am delighted to report that the border strips are on and it looks great. The working title of this quilt, which I blogged about a while ago, is “Counting Sheep”, in tribute to the design of the backing fabric. I have to think about whether I am going to post a photo or not, because I may decide that I want to keep it under wraps until its public debut at the York Heritage Quilters Guild show – Art for Body & Soul – in November.

Typo on display in living colour!

While I am on the subject of checking things before you finalize them, take a look at this nice shiny new sign in front of an apartment building in my neighbourhood. Somebody didn’t check the spelling!

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